"My Heart is the Drum has everything a great musical should have: a gorgeously complex yet accessible score; rich storytelling; compelling, well-developed characters; and a vibrant setting that draws us into both the charm and the underbelly of a world that’s foreign to most Americans...."

"My Heart is the Drum [is] a beautiful work that brims with emotion. ...illuminating lyrics by Luftig propel this sweeping story."

– Kerry Clawson, Akron Beacon Journal

“Authentic, epic, transportive, rich sense of storytelling. Transported through that score. Absolutely blown away.”

“The lyrics were fantastic. Poetic, true to the characters, and inventive.”

“[The lyrics were] ...vivid, poetic, authentic, accessible.”

– NAMT Festival Nominating Committee, My Heart Is the Drum

Understood Betsy [book and lyrics by Stacey Luftig] is a perfect play for family audiences. All the songs...are equally strong and would capture the interest of the audience....The story feels original and the characters are well rounded....The well-written dialogue flows and enables us to understand the characters well.”


– Betsy Phillips, Columbia Entertainment Company,
about first-place winner of the Jackie White Memorial National Children's Playwriting Contest


"Sloan [and Luftig's] 'Mama, I Want to Sit Downstairs' [is an] especially moving tune, capturing the powerful tug between maintaining tradition and moving beyond it."


"In the single monologue, 'Jews in Groups,' Stacey Luftig writes a sweetly poignant piece delivered by Lisa Rochelle with gentle wit of self discovery...."

– Cathy Burke, New York Post

"In the 20 seasons of the Jewish Repertory Theater, has there ever been a more mirthful, more melodic, more trenchant, more touching show than its new musical That's Life? ...A team of a dozen inventive lyricists and four talented composers provides the ear-catching songs that examine everything from the diversity of Jewish life to the loss of patriarchal authority. There are numbers Orthodox girl's heartbreaking lament at being segregated from the men in the synagogue...."

– Lawrence Van Gelder, New York Times

"I did especially like...'Mama, I Want to Sit Downstairs,' where Ms. Rochelle delivers her frustration at being excluded from the men's downstairs seating in Orthodox synagogues. A wonderful, thought-provoking song."


– Jules Rabin, The Long Island News





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