My Heart Is the Drum returns to NAMT

Songs from MY HEART IS THE DRUM will be featured at this year's 46th MINUTE Concert at the NAMT Festival! We'll be presenting shortened versions of "A World Beyond Kafrona," sung by Brittney Johnson (Sunset Boulevard, Motown, Beautiful, Les Mis) and "Your Heart Is the Drum," sung by Danielle Greaves (Sunset Boulevard, Hairspray, Rent).

This year's 46th MINUTE Concert is different than usual. In other years, it has featured songs that didn't make it into the 8 musicals showcased in the festival, and presented to an industry-only audience. This year, on October 18, they are catching up on the success and development of 8 Festival shows from the last ten years. And we're a part of it! So come to the concert, and we'll tell you (and show you) more about the show.

In the meantime, you can learn more about NAMT, and purchase tickets for the concert, at

Fresh takes on past shows!

Featuring songs from: BEATSVILLE (Fest '08) by Glenn Slater & Wendy Wilf BERNICE BOBS HER HAIR (Fest '11) by Adam Gwon & Julia Jordan BIG RED SUN (Fest '10) by Georgia Stitt & John Jiler; LEGENDALE (Fest '15) by Andrea Daly & Jeff Bienstock; LIZZIE (Fest '10) by Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, Alan Stevens Hewitt & Tim Maner MY HEART IS THE DRUM (Fest '13) by Jennie Redling, Phillip Palmer & Stacey Luftig THE NOTEWORTHY LIFE OF HOWARD BARNES (Fest '14) by Christopher Dimond & Michael Kooman TRIANGLE (Fest '12)

by Thomas Mizer & Curtis Moore.

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